Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 9.6: Exercise 2 - Translation

Translate into English
1. barma no suro s bk akyer ne yere. 1. The man is afraid to tell [it] to his wife.
2. hunuu s nnpa pii ahyia w baab. 2. (S)he saw that many people gathered somewhere.
3. Da bara rado k s yare hhh b aba. 3. The radio says every day that a very dreadful disease has come.
4. Meb mpae s kwadu y bs. 4. I pray that this bananas will grow big.
5. Wobhunu s wo h nyinaa y wo ya. 5. You'll feel that the whole of your body hurts you.
6. Rado ak s anwummer sukuu b aba man y mu. 6. The radio said that an evening school has come into this country.
7. ate s yare b aba a y h ye. 7. (S)he heard that a certain disease which is awful has come.
8. Ns no k s ny yare bne b. 8. The nurse said that it's not a bad disease.
9. ns s ygyae ne nyinaa to wn akyerkyerfo so. 9. We shouldn't leave all this to their teachers.
10. Woante [wan'te] s Kwas se wn kyerkyerni ak h asm akyer wn? 10. Haven't you heard that Kwasi said that their teacher told them about this matter?

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