Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 9.6: Exercise 1 - Solutions

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1. I want to buy a new car. 1. Mep s mt kaa fofor.
2. He'd like to go to Kumasi tomorrow. 2. p s bk Kumase kyena.
3. They don't like to work. 3. Wmp s wy adwuma.
4. Don't (2p) believe that he'll help you. 4. Monnnye nnn s bboa mo.
5. We're sure that he won't come. 5. Ygye d s mma.
6. I thought that I'd go to Ghana but I didn't have enough money (= my money isn't big) 6. Medwenee s mk Ghana, nanso me ska ns.
7. They informed me that my uncle is ill. 7. Wk kyer me s me wfa yare.
8. Tell your brother to come here immediately (= now)! 8. K kyer wo nua s mmra ha seesei ara! (or: K kyer wo nua s s s ba ha seesei ara!)
9. The woman saw that the man had spent all her money. 9. baa no h s barma no dii ne ska nyinaa.
10. He's sad (cf. Unit 5) about the death of his dog (= that his dog has died). 10. Ne wer aho s ne kraman no awu.
11. I'm very angry that you didn't go to school. 11. Me bo afu paa s woank sukuu.
12. We helped Esi to do her work. 12. Yboaa Es ma y adwuma.
13. She forced me to eat all of it. (successfully) 13. hy me ma medii ne nyinaa.
14. She (attempted to) force me to eat all of it but I did not do it. 14. hy me s menni ne nyinaa, nanso mann.
15. He wants to become a rich man (= sikan). 15. p s by (o)sikan.
16. Abenaa thinks that Kofi is rich. 16. Abenaa gye d s Kof y (o)sikan.
17. Imagine (2s): I will buy a car! 17. Susu s mt kaa!
18. The students shouldn't be late. 18. ns s sukuufo no ka aky!
19. You (2s) shouldn't ask me for money, I don't have any! 19. ns s wosr me s mema wo sika. Menn bi!
20. Don't ask me for money! 20. Nsr me s mema wo sika!

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