Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 9.6: Exercise 1

Translate into Akan! (For this exercise, use economic tone marking).
1. I want to buy a new car.
2. He'd like to go to Kumasi tomorrow.
3. They don't like to work.
4. Don't (2p) believe that they will help you.
5. We're sure that he won't come.
6. I thought that I'd go to Ghana but I didn't have enough money (= my money isn't big)
7. They informed me that my uncle is ill.
8. Tell your brother to come here immediately (= now)!
9. The woman saw that the man had spent all her money.
10. He's sad (cf. Unit 5) about the death of his dog (= that his dog has died).
11. I'm very angry that you didn't go to school.
12. We helped Esi to do her work.
13. She forced me to eat all of it. (successfully)
14. She tried to force me to eat all of it.
15. He wants to become a rich man (= ősikaniá).
16. Abenaa thinks that Kofi is rich.
17. Imagine (2s): I will buy a car!
18. The students shouldn't be late.
19. You (2s) shouldn't ask me for money, I don't have any!
20. Don't ask me for money!

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