Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 9.2: Names for God

The Akan use many names for God, the Supreme Being. Since the time christianity was introduced in Ghana, they also refer to the Christian God. 
Onyame the Supreme Being 
Onyankopn the Supreme Being who alone is great 
Odomankoma bade the Creator 
Abmmubuwafr the one who comes to help you if you cry for him 
Amosu the one who gives rain 
Amowia the one who makes the sun shine 
Brebre the one who creates everything 
Brekyirihunuade the one who sees it all 
Nyaamanekse the one who comforts you if you are aggrieved 
Otumfo the powerful one 
pam!bo the one who fabricates rocks (like humans fabricate cloth) 
Tetekwaframoa the one who has always been there and who will never change 
Twaduampn the one who is like a tree, if you lean against him you'll never fall 

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