Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 9.1: Church and religion

Since 1835 when the Basel Mission started work in Akropong-Akuapem, Christianity has become wide-spread and popular among the Akan people and other ethnical groups as well. In those early years evangelisation didn't turn out to be very successful, so the Basel Mission soon found out that the indigenous languages should be studied thoroughly. As the missionary Christaller was thought to be a very gifted linguist he was assigned for this task and sent to the then Gold Coast (= Ghana).

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana which has come out of the work of the Basel mission is the biggest church in Ghana but there are dozens if not hundreds of other Christian denominations nowadays.

Going to church is very important in the life of most Ghanaians, mainly those in Central and Southern parts. They are usually quite shocked to hear that most Europeans do not go to church anymore, as the church has an important social function in Ghana.

A normal church service in Ghana lasts for at least three hours, if not more, depending on the programme.

A Church service needn't be boring at all, there is much singing and dancing, watch video.

Task: What does the pastor, Rev. Moammere, preach in this small video sequence?

Transcription and translation

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