Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 8.6: Vocabulary

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.

a-damfo, pl. nnamfo / nnamfonom n friend

a-dh n courtyard, compound

A-num n personal name (5th born child)

A-saaseas! n personal name ("there is no ground left [to bury you]")

a-smmne, pl. nsmmne n bad news; bad or evil deed

A-ta n male name (twin)

A-ta kumaa n junior male twin

A-ta !panin n male name (the first of two male twins)

A-taa n female name (twin)

A-taa kumaa n junior female twin

A-taa !panin n senior female twin

a-woda n birthday

a-yyde n gift, donation, offering

A-gyeman n personal name

A-nane n personal name (4th born child)

Badu n male name (10th child of a mother)

Badu!waa n female name (10th child of a mother)

Bonsu n personal name

b abaso v+compl. congratulate sb. for an extraordinary deed

b/to mmerane v+compl. call sb. by a special name honouring him

de fri ser. v forgive, pardon

de k ser. v bring, go with, take away

de k ma ser. v bring to sb.

de ky ser. v pardon, forgive

de to dwa ser. v+compl. make public, state openly

de twa ser. v cut (with)

de y ser. v use for, do with

Dnk n personal name (slave)

Du!k n personal name (11th born child)

dwane k ser. v flee into

f / fri k ser. v go away, leave, depart

hwe gu ser. v pour on, out; spill, shed

kaa, pl. nkaawa n ring, finger-ring

ma amo v+compl. wish some one well, congratulate

Maanu n female name (second daughter from the same mother)

Mansa n personal name (third daughter from the same mother)

Ma!nu n personal name (second son from the same mother)

Men!s n personal name (third son born to the same mother)

mo interj. well done! congratulations!

m-maak mmaak phrase one by one, one after the other, singly

m-merane n appellation, by-name, nickname

Nyameama n personal name (for a sickly or premature child)

Nyame!ky n personal name (gift from God)

Nyankamago n personal name (for a child born after "Tawia")

N-kro!ma n personal name (9th born child)

n-kw n life

N-s n personal name (6th born child)

N-sn n male name (7th born child)

N-s!waa n female name (7th born child)

N-tikuma n name of one of the sons of Ananse

O-bmp n personal name (for an unwanted child)

o-busuan, pl. abusuafo n relative, family member, extended relations

O-poku n personal name

-kyere n personal name

p asm v+compl. 1. be inquisitive 2. like sb.

ptea, pl. mptea n gold ring

Pesie n first-born, personal name

pue v come forth, appear

s hw ser. v 1. taste 2. test, examine

sum!na n 1. sweepings, rubbish 2. personal name

Ta!wa n personal name (for a child born after twins)

tum v be able, can

to dn v+compl. name a child

to gu ser. v throw away

y v 1. take away, remove, take out 2. shave, have a hair cut

-wa, -waa dim. designates females or small things

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