Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 7.7: Vocabulary

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.

a-babaa, pl. mmabaa n maiden, young woman (married or unmarried)

a-baksm n history

a-barimaa, pl. mmarimaa n young boy, lad, teenager

a-bnkwan n palm nut soup

a-buspann, pl. abusmpann n family head

a-des n learning, study, lesson

a-dwa!de n trading, commerce, buying and selling

a-dwene n mind, thought, intention, idea, opinion

a-fuo, pl. mfuo n farm, plantation

a-gode n toy

a-goprama n play-ground

a-gor, pl. ngor n game, play

a-hemfe n chief's house, palace

a-henkuro n town where the king resides, capital town

a-hna, pl. nhna n clay pot for storing water, palm-wine or palm-oil

a-hden n strength, health, power, might, valour

a-kontaabuo n calculating, maths, computing, accounting

a-kuraase, pl. nkuraase n village

a-kwadwor n laziness

a-kyde n gift, present, offering

a-ky pp. behind, outside

a-nm n 1. face 2. front

a-se pp under, bottom

a-snhunu n unimportant case/matter

a-wofo n parents

a-wo n birth

bisa v ask, question, put a question to

b korno v+compl. steal

b mmden v+compl. try, make strenuous effort

bue v open, uncover

Burofo kasa n English (language)

daadaa red. v deceive, swindle

dade n iron, metal

dadewa n nail, spike

de ba ser. v bring

de ma ser. v give, hand over

d v farm, clear farmland, weed

dwene v think

e-mu pp. in (In spoken as well as written language, the vowel is deleted and only 'm' is heard or written)

-fam n soil, ground, floor

-fri s conj. because, since

-nne part. then; ok; if that is the case (then…)

f / fri ase (fti ase) phr. v begin, commence, start

fir v take, receive, or buy (goods) on credit

gya v leave behind, separate from

gye d ser. v believe, trust in

ha v be in need, be poor, be necessary

horo, redupl. hohoro v wash (esp. by repeated rubbing), rinse, cleanse

hwie v pour, spill

hye v burn, incinerate

k b mu / k bm phr. v put together, unite

kama, kamakama adv. fine, nice

kan, redupl. kenkan v 1. count, reckon, number 2. read

kasakasa red. v 1. talk noisly, chatter 2. quarrel, dispute 3. complain

korno n theft, stealing

k anm phr. v move forward, develop

kwa v rub or polish the floor with red clay

m-faso n gain, profit, benefit, advantage

m-fitase n beginning

m-maranm!fo n lawyer

m-moa n help, assistance

m-pomma n window, shutter

nea kk h phrase and so on, and so forth, etc.

nimde n knowledge, wisdom

nokor n truth, faithfulness

n-habamma n leaves of different trees

n-kso n progress, development

n-kyerkyer n teaching, lesson, seminar

o-fewura, pl. ofewuranom n landlord, landlady

o-ha n poverty, want, necessity

o-hani, pl. ahafo n poor person

o-npa, pl. nnpa n human being

-boafo, pl. aboafo n helper, benefactor

-daadaafo, pl. adaadaafo / nnadaafo n deceiver, swindler

-hemmaa, pl. ahemmaa n queen, queen mother

-krakyen, pl. akrakyefo n literate or educated person, government employee, clerk

-kwadwofo, pl. akwadwofo n lazy person

-manpann, pl. amanmpanmfo n chief; head of state, president

-man, pl. aman n nation, country

-pann, pl. mpann/mpanmfo n elder, older person, adult

-pofon, pl. apofofo n fisherman (deep sea), sailor

pa v 1. remove 2. be naked, nude

Pesie n first-born, personal name

sie v hide, keep secret, keep money at a bank

tea v scream, shout at

ta so phr. v step on, speed

to gu ser. v throw away

wer n consciousness, intellect

wie v finish, complete, close

wu v die, decease

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