Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 6.2: Excusing oneself and asking pardon

Saying sorry (one person)
Saying sorry (several persons)
Mepa wo kyw.
Mepa mo kyw.
Mesr wo.
Mesr mo.
Asking pardon (from one person)
Asking pardon (from several persons)
Fa firi me!
Momfa mfiri me!
Fa me bne ky me!
Momfa me bne nky me!
Response (to one person)
Response (to several persons)
Mede aky wo.
Mede aky mo.
ny hwee!
Excusing an improper expression (which one is going to use "bold on record", cf. Brown and Levinson, 1987)
Sbe oo!


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