Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 6.1: Thanking

1. Standard version:

To 1 person
To several persons
Meda w'ase (bebree/paa/pii).
Meda mo ase (bebree/paa/pii).
Possible responses:
Nna ase!
Monna ase!
Aseda nni mu. / Aseda nni h.
Ynni aseda.

2. Expressing deep gratitude:

To 1 person
To several persons
Onyame nhyira wo.
Onyame nhyira mo.
Woak me (paa). [woa'k]
Moak me (paa). [moa'k]
Meda w'ase ns.
Meda mo ase ns.
Possible responses:
ny hwee!
To show gratitude is most important in Akan culture. When you receive a gift, you don't just thank once but twice. The first time, of course, when you get it, and for the second time you go on the next day. Where this is impossible for some reason (e.g. because you'll travel), you'll say:
Ade ky a, meda ase.


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