Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 5.7: Vocabulary

Numerals -> numeral chart

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.

a-f!ei adv. now, at present; after that, then

a-fe, pl. mfe n year

a-hodo adj. different; several

a-huhuro de n+v feel warm

a-katua n salary

a-mpa adv. true, certain, sure

a-w n cold, chill

a-w de n+v be cold, feel cold

bebree, bebrebee adj. much, many

bere v redden, become or make red or yellow

boro stat. v be more

br v grow or get (perf. to be) tired

broo adj. softly, quietly

da!da adj. old (of things)

dada adv. already

de part. as for

den, denden, dendenden adj./adv hard, strong

d, dd, ddd adj. delicious, sweet (of food, drinks or music)

di afe/mfe v+compl. be x years old

dinn adj. silent, quiet

dodo adj. too many

d stat. v be deep

ds stat. v be many, much; be enough

du / du!ru v reach, arrive

duru, duruduru adj. heavy

-bo, pl. abo n 1. stone, rock 2. price

-dn, pl. nnn n bell

-f, pl. af n half of a thing

-km de n+v be hungry

-no prn.emph. it, its

-ns s conj. must not

-s s conj. must; have to

f adj./adv. fine, pretty, nice, beautiful

hann, intens. hannn adj. clear, light, bright

h, hh, hhh adj. fearful, frightful, terrible

hye, hyeehye, hyehyeehye adj. hot

ka akyi(ri) v+compl. 1. remain or stay behind 2. be late

kakraka, kakrakaa adj. large, bulky, great

kakra, pl. nkakrankakra adj./adv. little, small, few

ketekete, pl. nketenkete adj. very small, little

ketewa, pl. nketewa adj./adv. small, little, tiny (of a person or things)

kse, pl. akse, akseakse adj. big, large, huge

koraa, korakora, korakorakora adv not at all, merely (in neg. utterances only)

korokoro/korokorowa adj./adv. round and small

kntnkye adj. bent, crooked, curved

k adj./adv. very red, violet; intensified form of kk

kronkron adj. holy, pure

kurukuruwa, pl. nkurukuruwa adj. round, oval

kyn v surpass, exceed, be larger than; (used in the comparative form)

mmer, mmermmer, mmermmermmer adj. soft, tender

m-prns adv. three times

m-prnu adv. twice, two times, second time

nam, namnam, namnamnam adv sharp

nea rel. part. 1. he who, he that, that which 2. the place where

nyini v grow, grow old

n-tm, ntmntm, ntmntmntm adj./adv. quick, quickly

n-toma n cloth

n-toso n addition, extra, bonus

o-dwadini, pl. adwadifo n trader, seller

-no prn.emph. he, she, him, her, it, their (for inanimate things)

pa h v pass, strip

paa adv. very good, excellent

papa n goodness

papa, pl. mpapa n fan

pp, pl. mpp n palm branch

papa, pl. papanom n father

pa, papa, papaapa adj. good

pn, pl. mpn n occasion, times (when used after a locative, itcorresponds to the English "once, already, before, at an earlier time'')

psewa, pl. mpsewa n pesewa, coin (100p make a cedi)

pii adv. much, many, very

prk adv. once, at once, one time

s v 1. end, come to an end; 2. get dark

sen / sene v surpass, excel, exceed (used in comparative constructions)

ses red. v change, exchange

ss v reckon, calculate, compute

se v spoil, destroy, damage, be out of order

sidi n cedi

siesie h phr. v dress up, get ready, prepare

simma n minute

s stat. v be big, large, huge

sno stat. v be different

sukm de n+v be thirsty

tan, tantan, tantantan adj./adv ugly, disgusting

te so phr. v reduce the price

tenten adj. high, tall, long

tia, tiatia, tiatiatia adj. short

t so phr. v be next, follow, come after

tua v pay

tuntum adj. dark, black

wa / ware v be long, tall; be far

yare stat. v be sick, be ill

ya, yaaya, yayaaya adj. painful

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