Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 5.2: Buying an item

A: Met/Mep X. Ebi w h anaa?
B: Aane/(Daabi/As)
A: Ne 'bo y sn?
B: Ne 'bo y 1,000.
A: Ne 'bo y den. Te so!
B: Wobtua sn?
A: Mtua 500.
B: Daabi, ny koraa. To so!
A: Me sika sua.
B: Wokura sika sn?
A: 700 w me nsam.
B: Fa sika bra!

If you buy larger quantities of an item, the market woman usually gives you a 'dash', a small quantity of what you bought in addition. If she does not, you might tell her:

Ma me ntoso!
Ntoso w h?


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