Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 5.1: Asking the price

Small amounts
A: Ne 'bo y sn?
y sn?
Wobgye sn?/Mobgye sn?
B: Ne 'bo y …
y ...
Mgye .../ Ybgye ...
A: Ne 'bo y den (dodo). Te so!
B: Mte so/Ybte so
Mente so/ Ynte so
*Reduplicated price indication: "How much each?" The answer might be, for instance, sd apem apem "1000 each".
Note that bargaining is very common. A Ghanaian trader expects his/her customers to discuss the price. If you do not, s/he might think you are filthy rich and deserve therefore to be taken advantage of. However, one does not bargain bus fares, as they are fixed by trade unions, small items for everyday life, and purchases in supermarkets, of course.


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