Akan Teleteaching Course

4.8: Vocabulary

Kinship terms, -> Kinship chart
Body part terms, -> Body part chart
Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.
aane part. aff. yes 
a-bn, pl. mmn n horn 
a-bfra, pl. mmfra n child 
A-burokyire n Europe, America, overseas 
a-dware n 1. bath 2. bathroom 
a-kura, pl. nkura n mouse 
a-naa? interrog. part. non-obligatory question word put at the end of utterances; would not be translated in English 
a-ni gye n+v be happy, glad, cheerful, joyful 
a-npa biara n every morning 
a-sa n drawing room, sitting or living room 
a-sm, pl. nsm n word, message, news, matter
a-yekoo onoma. well done, greeting (at work) 
bep, pl. mmep n mountain 
biara quant every, each 
di agor v+compl. play 
dua, pl. nnua n tail (of quadrupeds and birds) 
dua, pl. nnua n tree 
-dan, pl. adan n house, home, building, room, apartment 
-dm n army 
-h, hnom adv there, that place 
kumaa, pl. nkumaa adj. 1. younger, junior 2. small 
kuta v hold in the hand 
m-mins num. three (3) 
nim v know, recognise, have knowledge
n-k (ara) adj. alone, only 
-kde, pl. nkde n eagle 
-kwae n forest 
saa adv. 1. this 2. thus, so, really? 
so interrog. question word (put at the beginning of the phrase) 
sua [sa] stat. v be small in size/power/number; be little
takra, pl. ntakra n feather 
te ap v+compl. be healthy, feel well
yare stat. v be sick, be ill
y ya v+compl. pain, feel pain, feel sorry for 

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