Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 4.1: More greetings

. Meeting someone…
At work 1
At work 2 (very common)
At a function or incidentally
Greeting (to one or several addressees)
Adwuma oo!
Adwuma y.
Yaa ye.
Yaa sn.*

*In (1.4) you will find alternative responses to 'sn' which may also be used after  'Yahya'.

. Meeting someone…
At meals
Greeting (to one person)
Kuta mu !
Mekura mu. / Me nsa ak.
Greeting (to several persons)
Monkuta mu !
Ykura mu. / Yn nsa ak.

A Ghanaian (or an African in general) will share even the smallest amount of food with a guest, so he will invite you to join him:

Invitation to share a meal
Variant 1
Variant 2
to one person (Variant 2 is also used to several persons) Woato me. [waa!t m] Me nsa ak b. [mnsa a!k b]
(Accepts invitation) Yoo, meda ase. Yoo, meda ase.
(Turns invitation down) Yoo, meda ase. Me nsa wm. Yoo, meda ase. Me nsa wm.


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