Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 3.8: Vocabulary

-> Indications of time (months, weeks, days, etc.)

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.
a-de n thing, matter
a-dn interrog. why?
a-d n weeding, farming
A-du n male name
a-konnwa n chair
a-manne n mission, message
a-ni / aniwa n eye, eyeball
a-npa n morning
a-nwummer n evening
a-sre n church, worship
a-wia n 1. sun 2. afternoon
a-yaresabea n clinic, hospital
ber bn interrog. what time, when
bo v beat
b v strike, hit hard
b nkmm v+compl. converse, talk, discuss
bne n bad, evil
br v bring
bu b v+compl. tell a proverb
da ase phr. v thank
da bn interrog. what day, when
daabi part. no
di v eat
di dwa v+compl. go shopping, trade
d v love, have affection for
dware v 1. bathe, wash oneself 2. swim
e-buo n cage, nest
e-dwa n market
E-fiada n Friday
e-tuo n gun, firearm
-benada n Tuesday
-den? interrog. what?
-dwoada n Monday
-nn n today
-nnora n yesterday
fa v take, take away
f v sip, lap, suck (out)
fm v lend, borrow
fira / fura v put on, wear, cover (of traditional attire and kente only; for European dress and footwear use hy.)
go / goro v play, amuse oneself
gu v fall, pour down
gye v take, accept, receive
h / hn v see
hw v look at, observe
hy v 1. stick (fast), 2. wear, put on European clothing (for cloth, kente, use "fira")
hyia v meet, come together
k v speak, say, tell
kenkan v read
k v go, move
k asre v+compl. go to church
k ayaresabea v+compl. go to hospital
k dwam v+compl.+pp. go to the market
k sit v+compl. go to a shop
k sukuu v+compl. go to school
kura v grasp, clutch, hold firmly
Kwasiada n Sunday
kye / kyere v catch, apprehend, arrest
kyer v show, teach
ky v give away, make a present
ky / kyre v last, stay a long time, delay
ma v give, hand over
mane v send, post, transmit
mee v eat to the full, be satisfied
Memeneda n Saturday
nanso conj. but
noa aduane v cook, prepare a meal
nom v drink
nunu tirim red. v+n comb the hair
nya v get, receive, obtain
-baa, pl. mmaa n woman, female
-barima, pl. mmarima n man, male
-hho, pl. ahho n stranger, guest
-kyena n tomorrow
paanoo n bread
p v 1. wish 2. like, love, be fond of
pra v sweep, clean
sa v dance
seesei adv. now, at this moment
sit / sot n (Egl.) store, shop
s stat. v be big, large
sre v rise, get up
sra v visit
s v weep, cry
sa v learn
sukuu n (Engl.) school
te v pluck, tear (off) 
te v hear, speak a language
tena ase phr. v sit down
to v throw, fling
t v buy, purchase
tn v sell
tu v uproot, dig up
twa v cut
tw v pull, draw
twer v write
wo v bear, give birth to
w fufuo v pound fufu
Wukuada n Wednesday
Yawoada n Thursday
y v be good, enough
y v do, make
y adwuma v+compl. work, be occupied

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