Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 3.5: Notes on pronunciation 3 - Exercise on vowel harmony

Group A: i, e, , u, o
Group B: , , a, ,

A. 1. Pronounce the following phrases (orthographic form on the left).
2. Listen to audio-text.
3. Check phonetic form (transcript).
Orthographic form Phonetic form Meaning
(1) p sika. [ope si ka]   "He likes money."
(2) Mk Kumasi. [me ko Kumas]   "I'll go to Kumase."
(3) Fr Kofi. [fre Ko fi]   "Call Kofi!"
(4) Bra mu! [br mu]     "Come in!"
(5) Kofi k. [Kofi k]     "Kofi leaves."
(6) Mdi paanoo. [me di paanoo]   "I'll eat bread."
(7) Mbu b. [me bu b]   "I'll tell a proverb."
(8) te Kumas. [ t Kumas]   "He lives in Kumase."
(9) Wto tuo. [w t tuo]   "They shoot (throw the gun)."
(10) Kt bdi! [k t be di] "Go-buy and-come-eat!"
(11) Sre ktwa! [sr ko tw a] "Get up and go-cut!"
(12) Bra ha! [bra ha]     "Come here!"
(13) Bra mu! [br mu]     "Come in!"
(14) Bra dan mu! [bra da mu]   "Come into the house!"
(15) Bra dan m(u)! [bra dam]     "Come into the house!"
(16) bte. [ b t ] "He came and bought (it)."
(17) btoe. [ b t ] "He came and threw (it)."
(18) btui. [o be tu i] "He came and dug."

Rounding harmony in Fante

Verb stem 1s PROG Andative Meaning
1. tu 'dig' murukotu "I am going to dig"
2. dzi 'eat' mirikedzi "I am going to eat"
3. t 'throw' mrkt "I am going to throw"
4. ts 'pick' mrkts "I am going to pick"

(Dolphyne, 1988: 18)

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