Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 2.8: Vocabulary

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.
a-bn palm nut, palm tree
a-borbn pineapple
a-buron maize
a-dakan box, suitcase
a-dwuman work, business, profession
a-fn comb
a-goo!interj. utterance one makes before entering a room or house
a-hahammonoadj. green
a-kokn domestifowl; chicken
a-koksraden yellow
a-kwaabainterj. welcome!
a-mangon mango fruit, mango tree
a-meeinterj. come in, please!
a-nkaan orange
a-nomaan bird
a-skyren sugar
a-taaden European type dress
bav come
baaknum. one (1)
baskeren (Engl.) bicycle
bayern yam
besn cola nut; cola nut tree
boktin (Engl.) bucket
bra mu! phrase enter, come in!
bruuadj. blue
dav 1. lie, lie down 2. sleep
dorbann (Engl.) driver
dkotan (Engl.) medical doctor
e-bprn. a, an, some, a bit, a few
-ky(w)n hat
-namn meat, flesh, fish
-ponon 1. table 2. door
fafa(dialect As. papa) nfan
fadj./adv. fine, pretty, nice, beautiful
ffadj./adv.red. very beautiful
ftaaadj./adv. white, pure, clean
foforadv./adj. new, (an)other
fufuon fufu
gyeenen onion
hwan a? interrog. who?
hyten (Engl.) shirt
kanean 1. lantern 2. (electric) light
kasav speak, talk
ketekyen train, railway
ktn mat
kosuan egg
kv 1. go, move 2. go or move away, depart, leave
kkadj./adv. red, violet, orange, light or dark brown
kkkonoma. sound of knocking on a door
kuben coconut, coconut palm
kwadun banana, plant and fruit
kyiniin umbrella, parasol
lren (Engl.) lorry
m-fnseren window
m-pan bed
m-paboan sandal, shoe
nantev 1. walk, go on foot
nev be, be identical with
nse(n)n (Engl.) nurse
n / ne part this is, these are; here is, here are
noart. that, the
nyansan knowledge, wisdom
nyinaan all, the whole, the lot, total, sum
n-katen peanut, groundnut
n-sesn change, balance
o-bibinn African, black person
o-kunun husband
O-nyamen God
-dwann sheep
-henen chief, king
-kran cat
-kramann dog
-kuann farmer
-kwann 1. road, way 2. permission
-kyerkyernn teacher
-patuon owl
-sekann knife, cutlass, machete
-sfon priest, pastor
-sann student
-yeren wife
payan avocado
pv refuse
praen broom, brush
safeva. safoa n key
samnan soap
sikan money, gold
sumin pillow
tentenadj. high, tall, long
to so phr. v add
tuntumadj. dark, black
wa / ware v be long, tall, far
warev marry
wstat. v 1. be at a place, exist, 2. have
ystat. v be 

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