Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 11.5: Vocabulary

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.

a-katoa n edible melon, fruit and seed

a-koa, pl. nkoa n 1. servant, slave 2. guy, fellow

a-mammer n tradition, custom

a-nimuonyam n glory, dignity

a-somdwoe n peace, traquillity, silence

a-tetekwaa, pl. ntetekwaa n old fashioned, conservative, stupid, unwise

a-tosode n ingredient, spices

A-wurade n God Almighty, Lord, master

baabara adv. everywhere, anywhere, nowhere (in negative constructions)

b venitive form of "ba" denoting movement towards the speaker

biribara adv. anything, everything, (in negative constructions) nothing

boa ano v+compl. gather, collect together, put in order, organise

b dn v+compl. call or mention sb.'s name

bt, pl. mmt n sack, bag, pocket

de gu ser. v put in, cast, throw down; pour into, upon

de hy aky ser. v put on the back, i.e. carry on the back (child)

d asm v+compl. settle dispute

d ntnt v+compl. sneak, hide, observe (from a hidden place)

e-b prn. a, an, some, a bit, a few

e-dwada n market day

-fam n soil, ground, floor

-nna adv. then, at that time, after this

h t n+v have peace of mind, be at rest, become satisfied

hwe fam v+compl. fall down

hwete v scatter, scratch

hy aky v+compl. carry or be carried on the back

hy mu phr. v put in

kyni v go round, rove, rumble, tour

m-mom adv. rather, rather than, preferably, instead, than, but

ne h t no phrase (s)he becomes satisfied

n-kn!mu n top (of tree)

-kwasea, pl. nkwaseafo n fool, idiot, stupid person

-nyansfo, pl. anyansfo n wise person, intelligent person

san v return, go or come back

san ba v come back

san k ser. v go back

ses v collect

sn v hang, be hanging

snea adv. manner, how

s so k ser. v go, begin a journey, set about a journey

tam v 1. take or lift up 2. clasp round, wrestle

tare v 1. plaster 2. seal, paste up

tentam red. v wrestle

toa, pl. ntoa n calabash, gourd, bottle

tr v spread

tum n authority, power

tum v be able, can

Wukuo n Wednesday (short form of Wukuada)

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