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Unit 11.4: Exercise 2 - Solutions

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Maame Amma y baa pa. hw ne 'kunu ne ne mma ye. nn Wukuo y dwada. Maame Amma bk akdi dwa. fa sika, fa bt ketewa b ka h. de ne ba hy n'aky.

Afei s so k dwam. Ne fe ne dwam kwan nware koraa. nky koraa na aduru h.

duru a kyni dwam hwehw nnema a p. t nam, nkyene, gyeene, nkate, akatoa ne atosode pii. de ne nnema no nyinaa gu bt no mu san ba fe.

ba fe a noa fufuo ma ne 'kunu ne ne mma. Dwada bara noa fufuo a y nkwan ddd ka h. Obara d ma ne h t no.

nn Maame Amma faa sika k dwam kt nam bnoaa fufuo maa ne mma ne ne 'kunu diie.

Mrs. Amma is a good woman. She looks well after her husband and her children. Today, Wednesday, is market day. Mrs. Amma will go shopping. She takes money and a bag (in addition). She puts her child on her back.

Then she sets about to go to the market. Her house is not far from the market. Soon after she has arrived there.

When she arrives there she roams about the market to look for the items she wants to buy. She buys meat (or fish), salt, onions, peanuts, a melon and many spices. She puts all her things into her bag and returns home.

When she comes home, she prepares (= cooks) fufu for her husband and her children. Every Monday she prepares fufu with a very delicious soup. Everybody gets satisfied.

Today, Mrs. Amma took money to go to the market to buy meat and (came home to prepare) prepared fufu for her children and her husband to eat.

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