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Unit 11.2: Ananse story


S ye a nnpa bnom y anyansfo na ebnom nso y ntetekwaa

Da b, Ananse boaboaa nyans a w wase nyinaa ano de hy toa b mu s de reksn dua b so na onpa bara anya b. rek no nyinaa na ne ba Ntikuma red no ntnt.

Ananse duruu dua no ase no, de toa no sn n'anm na de n'afuro taree dua no h s reforo ak ne nknmu. y bribiara a, na ny ye. nna ne ba Ntikuma firi wuram h bk s: "Agya, wonnye nn s wode toa y sn w'aky mmom a, anka wobtum aforo dua y?

nna Ananse danee toa no de too n'aky, fit ase tentam dua no. Ananse hunuu s Ntikuma akyer no nyans no, y no ya s antum ammoaboa nyans nyinaa ano na eb aka ne ba no trim. Enti de abufuo gyaee toa no hwee fam ma be. Toa no be no, nnpa pii k dua no ase. Na wn a wk h kfaa b de baa wn afe mu no ne anyansfo na wn a ank b no ne ntetekwaa.

S ye a nnpa bnom y anyansfo na ebnom nso y ntetekwaa no n oo!

(Saa anansesm y firi Ay, [1978: 1-2])

How it came that there are wise and stupid people in the world



Once upon a time, Ananse collected all the wisdom of the world and put it into a bottle in order to hang it onto a tree so that nobody could get any. When he was going about it his son Ntikuma was observing him secretly.

When Ananse arrived at the tree, he put the bottle in front of him and put his belly close to the tree in order to climb up to the peak of the tree. Whatever he did, it didn't work out well. Then his son Ntikuma came out of the bush and said: "Father, don't you think that if you rather put this bottle to your back, you'd be able to climb up this tree?"

Then Ananse put the bottle to his back and started climbing up the tree. Ananse saw that Ntikuma had told him something wise and it hurt him that he hadn't been able to collect all the wisdom as some had remained with his son. Therefore, he angrily dropped the bottle to the ground and it burst. When it burst, many people came to the tree. And those who came to take some back to their homes are the wise people but those who didn't come are the stupid ones. 

That's the story why some people are wise and others stupid! 

(Taken from Ayeh, [1978: 1-2])

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