Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 10.8: Vocabulary

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery won't be required for the Final Exam.

a-baa, pl. mmaa n rod, whip, stick

a-bo!boano n open place in front of a house

a-bofuo n anger, temper

a-brab n life

a-ha!y n hunting

a-hde n personal property, possessions

a-hsiese n preparation

a-kuraa, pl. nkuraa n village

a-kwankgya n accompanying on one's way

a-kyri, akyrikyiri adv far away place, distant, far behind

a-n bir n+v be dark

a-nka conj. then, in that case. (The word is put at head of a sentence to express: 1. past event 2. imaginary or unreal event expressed in a conditional sentence)

a-nky koraa phrase not long after

a-no s n+v end, stop speaking

a-nomaa n bird

a-ra part. even, just, this very

a-sa n dance

a-saase, pl. nsaase n land, ground, soil, earth, farm land

a-s!man n world of the dead, the beyond

a-yan n drumming

a-ye n funeral

a-yey n making a funeral

baab adv. some place, somewhere

baaky n unity, cooperation

baanu num. two, both (only with humans)

bem adv. again

b hyire v+compl. smear with clay

bu v 1. bend, fold, curve 2. crack, break, cut 3. fall down (of buildings, trees, of things standing straight)

da b phr. one day, once upon a time

dammirifua due interj. my condolences (for a chief or an important person)

dane v turn, change, alter, transform, change into

de part. as for

d, dd, ddd adj. be agreeable, pleasant, delicious, sweet (of food, drinks or music)

d afe/mfe v+compl. be x years old, be of a certain age, reach the age

d awerho v+compl. be sad, mourn

d nknm v+compl. win, gain victory, be victorious, pass an exam, triumph

dibea n position

due n appeasing or consoling interjection, said to a person who has hurt himself or met an accident

e-wase n world

e-wu!ra n bush, rubbish

-ber, pl. mmer n time, period, season; mmer often means the manner or condition of life

-f, pl. af n 1. half of a thing 2. other side of an object or place

fa so phr. v go about, proceed

gu so phr. v be in the process of doing sth.

gyedie [gydie] n faith, belief, trust

ha v trouble, disturb, annoy

hwe so phr. v hasten to

hwee n nothing, anything (used only in negative constructions)

hy den v+adv. hold firm, hold fast, be strong (said to a mourner, like "my condolences")

hy nkuran v+compl. encourage

hyire n white clay

ka baab/ka h v+compl. 1. remain, stay at a place 2. (idiom.) die

kane tete no phrase in the olden days, in former times

kos interj. sorry! pity!

kben n 1. scarlet, crimson, pink 2. funeral cloth of this colour

kuntunkun n dark-coloured funeral cloth

na m!mom conj. especially, particularly

ntwoma n red soil, ochre

nyamesom n religion, worship

n-k adj. alone, only

n-knimde n triumphing, winning, gaining the victory

n-nawtwe n week

o-b prn. someone

o-pese, pl. mpese n eldest child in a family, first-born

o-wufo, pl. awufo n dead person, the dead

o-wuo n death

-bmmfo, pl. abmmfo n hunter

-bra n 1. life 2. behaviour, pattern

-dfo, pl. adfo, adfonom n friend, beloved, lover (in a speech adfonom means dear listeners)

-kann, pl. Akanfo n member of the Akan people's group

pa mu phr. v be absent

prk p adv. suddenly, all at once, in a second, unexpectedly

s v stand, get down, descend (from a car)

siese h phr. v dress up, get ready, prepare

som bo v+compl. be of value, honourable

soma v send, be sent on an errand, dispatch a messenger

te ase phr. v live

ttre adj. important

to dwom v+compl. sing, make music

tw as v+compl. punish

twentwn ne nan ase red. v linger

w h kwan v+compl. have the right, be allowed

wura mu phr. v enter, go in

yaak interj. sorry! my condolences!

yera v 1. go astray, loose one's way 2. be lost

y k v+compl. be expensive, lit. "make/cause debt"

y ntm v+adv hurry

y ad v+compl. 1. bring to light, manifest, reveal, disclose 2. dismiss, terminate

y tri v+compl. shave

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