Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 10.7: Exercise 3

1. Translate! (For this exercise, use economic tone marking).
1. When I go I'll write you a letter.
2. When it rains they don't work.
3. When my father comes he'll give me money.
4. When you buy a car, buy a new one!
5. The thief ran away when he saw the policeman.
6. The boys stopped playing football when it began to rain.
7. The rain had stopped when he got home.
8. The women had pounded fufu when the men came home.
9. If you see him, greet him from me!
10. If you eat, don't sing!
11. Although he is small, (yet) he's strong.
12. Although the men are rich they have no car.
13. This year it didn't rain at all, therefore there is famine (= hunger).
14. I know the doctor, therefore he helped me.
15. The men were all tired, so they fell asleep.
16. The woman was beautiful, therefore many men wanted to marry her.
17. The boy has stolen my oranges. I will not beat him because of you.
18. I'll complete school because you're helping me.
19. He is sick, that's why he is lying in bed.
20. There is no good water in the country, that's why many children are sick.

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