Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 10.7: Exercise 2

1. Combine the following sentences into relative constructions: (For this exercise, use economic tone marking).
Example: barma no reba. y me papa. barma a reba no y me papa.
1a. Wde abfra no k ayaresabea. 1b. yare. .
2a. baa b gyina h. 2b. y kyerkyern. .
3a. Nnpa no firafra ntoma kk. 3b. Wn nana awu. .
4a. k kyer wn. 4b. Na wdii n'aky. .
5a. A!mma daa barma no ase. 5b. ky no sika. .
6a. Mmarimaa no red agor. 6b. Wnk sukuu. .
7a. kyerkyerni no t ataade. 7b. de ataade no maa ne ba. .
8a. barma no red n'afuom. 8b. p adwuma paa. .
9a. baa panin no fira kente. 9b. y hemmaa. (= Queenmother) .
10a. Wohunuu barma no? 10b. barma no at kaa fofor. .

2. Translate by transforming the following sentences into relative constructions:
1a. The man is running away. 1b. He is a thief (= kormfo). .
2a. Did you meet the woman? 2b. I went to school with her. .
3a. I bought cloth yesterday. 3b. It was not expensive at all. .
4a. The European came here. 4b. What did he bring? .
5a. Some children are playing. 5b. Do they go to school? .
6a. The woman is lying in bed. 6b. She's sick. .
7a. I bought cloth. 7b. It was expensive. .
8a. A person is sitting under the tree. 8b. Ask him. .
9a. I saw a woman on the bus to Accra. 9b. She is very beautiful. .
10a. I saw a man in the shop. 10b. He is ugly. .

Compare results, then go to exercise 3

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