Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 1.9: Vocabulary

Note: The word items in the red area are compulsory for the Final Exam and have thus to be learnt by heart; whereas the words in the white area are also to be learnt but their active mastery will not be required for the Final Exam.
A-benaanfemale name, born on Tuesday
A-dwoanfemale name (Monday-born)
A-fuanfemale name (Friday-born)
A-kosuanfemale name (Sunday-born)
A-kuanfemale (Wednesday-born)
A-mmanfemale name (Saturday-born)
A-santennAsante person
a-wuraanmiss, lady
bkadv.good, great (used in greetings)
devbe called
-bon1. stone, rock 2. price
-mnrice (plant and grain)
-na n mother
fi / firi v 1. come or originate from 2. come out
frvcall, name
kaan(Engl.) car
Kofnmale name (Friday-born)
Kwabenanmale name (Tuesday-born)
Kwadwonmale name (Monday-born)
Kwakunmale name (Wednesday-born)
Kwamenmale name (Saturday-born)
Kwasnmale name (Sunday-born)
maadwophraseevening greeting (for 1 person)
maahphrasegood afternoon greeting (for 1 person)
maakyphrasegood morning greeting (for 1 person)
meprn.I, me
moprn. pl. you, your
nsnalcoholidrink, liquor
nsoconj.also, too
o-buronnEuropean, white person
o-nuansibling; brother, sister
O-nyame adom phrase by God's grace
o-wuranmister, master
sninterrog.how many, much?
tev1. exist, live 2. be in a certain bodily condition
woprn. sg. you
Yaanfemale name (Thursday-born)
Yawnmale name (Thursday-born)

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