Akan Teleteaching Course

Unit 1.6: Notes on pronunciation 2

Nasal 'n' in final position

The pronunciation of the consonant 'n'

Listen and repeat:
Yaa, sn. [response to greetings]
te sn? "How is it going?"
Nkran 'Accra'
Onyankopn 'God'
edn 'name'
me dn 'my name'

All these examples end on the letter 'n'. But as you will have noticed, 'n' is not always pronounced the same way.

By grouping these words according to the different pronunciations of 'n' we obtain two lists:
List A
List B
sn [s] sn [s]
Nkran [kra] (Onyanko)pn [p]
edn [ed] .

Listen again to these two groups of words. Describe in your own words the difference between the two ways to pronounce n! Try to state as a general rule when to pronounce '' and when ''! -> Solution

Note that this rule applies at the end of a sentence and before pause. Otherwise there is assimilation of 'n' to the following consonant, like in:
Wo dn de sn?

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