Akan Teleteaching Course

Annex 10: Copyright

Copyright by Thomas Bearth, Erika Eichholzer, Justin Frempong, Hannes Hirzel

This is work in progress. Permission is hereby granted to use the material on this CDROM for the Akan course in the CAMEEL Erasmus/Socrates programme. This includes copying of the material on the harddisk of a computer for the purpose of the Ali Akan course provided that this copyright notice is included. For part of the material contained on this CDROM other copyrights are held. Consult the appropriate notices.

Given the preliminary nature of the material any use beyond the limits of the Ali Akan course organised by the Erasmus programme requires written permission from the authors.


The Ali Akan Project is partially financed by the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science through the Socrates/Erasmus Mobility Office of the University of Zurich.

A subsidy by the Prorektorat für Lehre of the University of Zurich is gratefully acknowledged.

The sound production was made possible through the technical support of the Language Laboratory of the University of Zurich (Dr. Paul Mauriac).

We would also like to acknowledge the assistance of the following people:
- Grace Adjekum (recording)
- Per Baumann (tone-marking and proofreading)
- Gideon Hayford Chonia (CD-toasting)
- Brigitte Ehrensperger (illustrations)
- Johannes Keel (graphic design)
- Amma Konadu Müller-Osei (recording)
- Anu Quarshie (suggestions)

This material was tested during the residential part of the Ali Akan Teleteaching Course 1999 and 2000 at the Humboldt University of Berlin. We thankfully acknowledge the contribution of Prof. Dr. Brigitte Reineke, Dr. Ines Fiedler, Astrid Kiesewetter and Andreas Fritzsche of the Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften in hosting the introductory course and providing encouragement in many ways. We also thank the Institute for Japanese Studies for making available their computer-aided instruction laboratory for use during the introductory course.

April 2002, Zurich